Jonathan M. Pryor

4912 Banbridge Ct. • Richmond, VA   23228 • (804) 512-7878


Full-time software design and development position.


M.S., Computer Science Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA GPA: 3.85/4.0
B.S., Computer Engineering Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA GPA: 3.11/4.0

Activities and Awards

  • Maintain Cadenza, a collection of utility types and extension methods for .NET.
  • Designed and implemented many System.Diagnostics and Mono.Unix types for Mono.
  • Designed and implemented Mono.Fuse, which allows implementing Linux filesystems from C#.


Xamarin Inc. 6/2011 - Present
Novell, Inc. / Mono, 8/2007 - 5/2011
Cadmus KnowledgeWorks, Richmond, VA 8/2003 - 7/2007
  • Maintain Cadmus RapidInspector™, a JWS validation & submission program for publishing.
  • Maintain several JSP sites for both internal and public use.
  • Designed and implemented Perl modules to interact with a REST web service utilizing RDF.
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 8/2002 - 6/2003
  • Wrote Viaduct, a PHP application to help professors create an publish activities online.
  • Wrote XML stylesheet transforms to translate between XML Schema types.
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY 5/2002 - 8/2002
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA 5/2000 - 8/2000; 5/2001 - 8/2001
  • Wrote ADepends, a .NET 1.0 SDK sample which displays a graph of Assembly dependencies.
  • Researched ways to get a .NET stack trace from an unmanaged debugger.
IBM, RTP, NC 1/1998 - 8/1998; 1/1999 - 8/1999
  • Helped design the IBM TransProxy TextEngine, which applies device-dependent transformations to HTML and XML input, generating HTML or XML.